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Difference between fine and fashion jewellery

Confused between fashion and fine jewellery! Let’s shade some light on them.

The basic difference between fashion and fine jewellery mainly comes from the material or the metals used to make jewellery. We need to figure out the quality and material of the gemstones or metals to determine whether it is considered to be a piece of fine or fashion jewellery.


The term fine jewellery is used for any jewellery that is made from precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum. Fine jewellery typically uses genuine gemstones like diamonds, ruby, sapphire, emerald etc. This choice made jewelleries long lasting forever also these are for everyday uses. In addition to this, fine jewellery that is broken can be easily repaired. Also fine jewelleries doesn’t tarnish with proper care and storage because of their precious metals and gemstones. Though fine jewellery is bit expensive than fashion jewellery.



  • Fine jewelleries are long lasting and one-time lifelong investment.
  • Metals and gemstones used in fine jewellery helps you in better life
  • They are mass produced


  • They are mostly expensive and out of reach of many people’s budget.


Fashion jewelleries are those that has not made from precious metals and no use of actual authentic gemstone like fine jewellery. Also fashion jewellery is not durable and not for daily use.  It can be made up of leather, brass, copper or aluminium like metals.

Fashion jewellery mostly known as costume jewellery made with stimulated stones and base metals. Some jewellery enthusiasts insist upon a middle category that is being called semi-fine jewellery. This category mainly made with gold vermeil or gold filed. Semi fine jewellery uses gemstones like Opals, Pearls and morganite that is less expensive than other precious gemstones.

Its very obvious semi fine jewellery is more useful for more jewellery makers in order to compartmentalise their jewellery more accurately. Semi fine jewellery is still considered fashion jewellery in the eyes of an expert jewellery maker.

The fashion jewellery does not have much of a shelf life as fashion jewellery is made up of materials that are prone to tarnishing and cracking. Also they are difficult to repair and remake from the old one. But luckily, these fine jewelleries are very cost effective and thus reachable for all people within budget.



  • Fashion jewellery is inexpensive and cheap in cost because of their material used in jewellery.
  • There are endless variety in market or in online store in case of fashion jewellery.
  • They are common jewellery in society which means they can fit into anyone’s budget.
  • They tend to last long when they are plated with precious metals like gold or silver.


  • They mostly do not last long
  • Cannot be wear daily or can not use in a regular basis.
  • Cannot repair easily or remake from old one.
  • Handling them is quite difficult.

Here we discussed about the basic differences between fine and fashion jewellery. In some cases fashion jewellery may contain genuine silver or gold plating too.

Still the major difference lies in their costing.

Here we can guide to authentic gemstones according to your zodiac sign in order to make a fine jewellery of your choice.

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