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Jewellery for sensitive skin type

Jewellery is the most beautiful way to express your beauty, style and spirit. But a large number of women face sensitivity by wearing metal jewellery. Be careful while choosing your material. Approximately 5 to 10 percent have the most common metal allergy, nickel allergy. It directly results in skin irritation itching, round scabs, greenish patch on skin even skin infection. The best way to overcome the allergy is to arm yourself before your next Jewelry shopping excursion.

Nickel is popular among lower priced jewellery. Redefine your day with the best material jewellery to avoid skin hazards. Nine times out of ten, if you have sensitive skin, any alloy that contains nickel or brass will immediately turn your skin into green. Other common allergens, ie, copper is also used in alloy for making of these jewelleries. Consider looking for alloys that contain palladium instead of copper or nickel. This is a white metal that related to platinum. Because of its less density, it’s more affordable.

METAL TESTING KIT is a solution to check skin sensitivity. It comes with a set of solutions to test reaction of the metal with your skin.

To have and to hold for all the eternity is the reason behind people tend to invest when it comes to a fine jewellery. Instead of buying quantity, think about the problems may come and the long term benefits of investing in quality. 925 silver, sterling silver, gold and more likely to platinum are less likely to cause contact dermatitis. Make sure to recheck for “Sterling” or “925” while buying silver jewellery to avoid a mistake of buying plated silver or gold over copper or brass jewellery to keep prizes low and cheap.

Lather jewellery also has taken a good position in jewellery marketing trends. But you need to investigate before purchasing your own. If your skin is sensitive, don’t think otherwise to buy a leather jewellery not because of leather but some metal used in leather jewellery or accessories that may contain certain amount of nickel or copper who’s is not merely good enough for your skin.

You may also go for Gold . But make sure the purity of Gold by Karat. The higher the karat, higher the ratio of gold to alloy. You can also go for some Hold plated jewellery over silver. If you’re thinking of buying fine latest jewellery, fix your budget above 14k because below 14k gold jewel may contain 50% of alloy. So get ready for a lifetime Jewellery.

Jewellery manufacturers may resort to clasps and hooks that are made from lower grade metal to save on a cost. Be sure while buying the hops and clasps are not made of any metal that causes your skin reaction.

Another safest metal to wear for those who have skin sensitivity is platinum. It is less likely to cause any infection r irritation. These hypoallergenic metals are going to make you look beautiful also gives you a confidence in carrying yourself as the centre of attraction in any gatherings or even if it is the most important event of your life. Module your lifestyle, look beautiful by wearing jewellery that suits you in any direction. Always err on the side of caution.

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