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Jewellery photography tricks and tips

Your product images can make or break the success of your jewellery business.

Shoppers need to see detailed jewellery images on website. Photographing Jewellery is a challenge though not that tough. But you need to know some tricks to capture a perfect jewellery image for your website. Photographing in jewellery needs to avoid smudging and manipulation in light.

It’s a part of art and skill. The goal is to ensure customers get the most realistic render of each available product.


Jewellery photography is something about showing intricate details in order to entice the customers. You need perfection to gain attention of your potential customers.


Here are some ideas about making efficient and productive jewellery photography. And some easy tricks along with equipments required for photography.


It’s important to prepare the subject before initiating the shoot. Generally fine dust attracts by the metals of jewellery from the air. So you need to clean them first. Cameras pick up on things like smudges, dust particles and other unsightly marks. Clean your pieces properly and always use gloves while handling expensive metals and gemstones to avoid fingerprints.


The next step towards preparing a jewellery product shoot is choosing the right background. A background can make or break your images depending on the choice you make or break.

You can use solid backgrounds like black or white over colourful gorgeous jewelleries, it’s gonna definitely enhance your detailing of jewellery in photograph. Just choose one which is complimenting your product and you’re good to go.


  1. Natural light: Natural light comes from the ray of sunlight which is absolutely perfect for photographing jewellery. The yellowish or orange shaded ray from sunlight helps in giving magestic touch to your photograph and enhance the quality of beauty.
  2. External light: while using an external light make sure your product is not too bright. Sometimes external light burns the colour of jewellery so you have to use diffuser for proper lighting.


The photography equipment you use will depend on your budget. You can keep costs minimal. Heres some basic important equipment to fulfil your need.

  • Camera: Good camera lenses enhance the details of product.

Well, if you have an iPhone or android mobile you can obviously use them for shooting. Not necessarily you’ve to buy an expensive camera always to take good pictures.

But if you’re using camera lenses then micro lenses are good for jewellery photography.

  • Tripod: Tripod gives the most stable picture to avoid jerking. Those are cheap, effective and improve both quality and consistency.
  • Lighting source: external light or natural light of your choice.
  • Table: To place the products
  • Background: to place the jewellery and showing
  • Foam boards: Foam board helps to reflect light back into the shadow to brighten up.


One thing that could ruin your jewellery photography is the white balance being wrong. Many cameras automatically adjust the white balance but they often get it wrong. You can change the white balance after photographing your jewellery to give it the perfect look like real in picture.

So, photographing a jewellery is very interesting thing. You can get the best result from buyers by showing the detailing work of your jewellery which comes from a perfect photography.

Hope this article will help you.

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