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Natural v/s Lab-created gemstones: What’s the difference?

The world of modern jewelry is filled with earrings, necklaces, rings, and other unique items crafted using a spectrum of precious gemstones. Some gemstone fine jewelry is created with authentic and natural stones, while other jewelry is a man-made alternative with less brilliance and appearance than the real deal. 

What is a natural gemstone?

Natural gemstones are created without any human intervention other than being mined, faceted, and polished. These stones are natural only if they are not altered, treated, or enhanced. They are rare in nature and the most expensive gemstones. Types of natural gemstones are Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Pearl, and more.

Natural gemstones use various methods like pressure, temperatures, chemical properties, recrystallizing and hydrothermal process.

What is a Lab-Created gemstone?

Lab-created gemstones are created by humans and made in laboratories. These stones are genuine, chemically, and physically identical to a natural gemstone. They are also known as synthetic, artificial, lab-grown, and man-made gems. Types of lab-created gemstones include synthetic gems, man-made and simulant gems.

These gemstones are created using various methods, equipment, pressures, temperatures, and ingredients to replicate each gemstone for its brilliance, appearance, and polish. 

Difference between natural v/s lab-created gemstone

With modern technology, even lab-created gemstones can appear convincing on the surface level, just like natural gems. To identify the gemstone is natural or lab-created, you need a trained expert and microscope for a desired definitive result. Natural gemstones with top-quality color and minimal inclusions are rare, and the price should reflect that. Whereas lab-created gemstones are less expensive than natural gemstones. Lab-created gemstones have fewer inclusions, uniqueness, and a lighter carbon footprint.

So which gemstone is better for you depends on the purposes you seek? If you want to buy gemstone jewelry curated with authentic stone due to its natural properties and value, the natural gemstone is the one you should go for. But if you have environmental concerns and a relatively low budget, lab-created gemstones are the ones you can prefer as they leave a light carbon footprint, and the mining process is not tedious.

Lab-created gemstones have greater clarity, visual flaws, and color than natural gemstones. Natural gemstones have better resale value than lab-created gemstones. Our popular culture still prefers buying natural gemstone over the lab-created variety due to its value and rare nature.


In the real sense, natural and lab-created gemstones have their pros and cons; some people prefer to pay a premium for the rarity and vibrant brilliance of the natural gemstones, while others prefer the lab-created gemstones due to their top-level color, near-perfect clarity, and large sizes compatibility. The decision is ultimately your which gemstone you want to go with as it depends on the usage. Always ask the seller about the origins of a gemstone and which treatment it has undergone. We at Sujhal Jewels believe in the originality of creating top-quality, well-designed, and original gemstones for your jewelry or ornament enhancements. Visit our website to know your right gemstone or call +91 9104025880.

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