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Silver jewellery and the current fashion

Are you looking for elegance in your appearance? Here’s the solution, make yourself beautiful with silver jewelleries. Add on a masterpiece in your look to make the most gorgeous event more delightful.

SILVER IS THE NEW GOLD: These days, silver has become the most demanding metal jewellery. The lightweight, unique collections of silver in necklace, earrings, toe rings, rings and the nose pins are here to embrace your beauty in yourself. Nowadays it’s becoming the trendiest phase of Jewellery across the world. Even it is compared to a gold jewellery in standard.

The 925 sterling silver jewels in tribal, classic and vintage designs can be worn in any form of fashion whether ethnic or some western look. Silver can be also plated with gold to create a fusion.

REASONS TO START WEARING SILVER JEWET: There are many a reason for buying a silver jewellery as compared to other materials or sometimes even Gold.

  1. DURABILITY: With the proper care silver can last with you a lifelong time. Even after years it looks the same as new. Some of the well-made pieces can last even family heirlooms in future.
  2. TRENDY: Any woman who wants to keep her updated with the new fashion trend must go for silver jewels because of its texture, colour and designs. Gemstones also can be attached with silver to give it a gorgeous look which matches your personality as well as fashion sense.

Silver is the way to make sure you’re looking your best.

  • VERSATILE: Whatever the occasion is, sterling silver is appropriate to match that.

Going for a dinner? Go with some slick fine silver pendant and rings. Are you a marriage ceremony? Go for some junk silver necklace along with earrings, rings and bracelets. You can also design your silver jewels with the Gemstones to match the colour and ambience of your dress.

  • HYPOALLERGENIC CHARACTERISTICS: If you faced a trouble wearing gold or other metals, then we are happy to let you know that Silver is absolutely free from any allergic reaction to your body and skin due to its Nickel and lead-free chemical structure.

To make 925, 92.5 and .925 silver the metal usually used is copper which is more likely to cause an allergic reaction. So, you can definitely go for it if you are facing allergic problems because of the ornamental metals.

  • BUDGET FRIENDLY: Increased market value makes metals more expensive these days. Well Silver is the one which is most budget friendly among other metals. Also, it can be plated with gold to give it a new look with golden colour to match your costume.
  • RE-CREATION: Are you bored with your old fashion jewellery? Don’t worry, here’s the solution. You can re-create your look with new designs from the old one.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: It is very disappointing if suddenly your favourite piece of jewel looks dirty or got discoloured. Well, silver can tarnish with time, if it’s not often worn regularly. Here’s some tips to maintain your silver jewel or to restore its original colour and shine.

*Use airtight container for storage.

*Keep in cool, dark place free from heat and sunlight.

*Store separately.

*Clean with mild soap and water.

*Use white vinegar and baking soda for restoring the shine.

*Do not use any harsh chemical to avoid damage.

Are you still in doubt for buying a silver jewellery! Of course not. So why in delay! Go for it.

There are many online jewellery shop and various collections of silver jewelleries for any kind of occasion.

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