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What are the different types of cuts and shapes for precious gemstones?

In ancient times, the practice of cutting and shaping gemstones and minerals was called lapidary, derived from the Latin word ‘lapidarius,’ meaning stoner-cutter. The person who outperforms the practice of cutting and shaping gemstone is called a lapidarist. The connection between humans and stones has been since prehistoric times, and the cutting of gems began to date back to one million years of age. Cutting gemstones is an old age where rough and unpolished stones were turned into gemstone jewelry. Cutting gives the stones a desired shape and enhances the hue and brightness of the gemstone.

Different types of Cuts:

1.    Old Cuts: – This is the oldest way of cutting a gemstone. Here, stones have fewer cuts than modern stones, making them less appealing in the lights. Old cuts were the tiny cuts that the gem cutters made by hand and were created before the electricity era. The stones were usually taller with more significant facets because of the technical limitation of the tool.  

2.    Brilliant Cuts: – A complex cut that requires multiple facets made at different angles to receive maximum sparkle. This modern style cut is the most expensive globally but worth the money and represents the most sparkling diamond cuts.

3.    Step Cuts: – Steps cuts usually have square or rectangle facets that ascend on the crown or descend the pavilion in steps. It maximizes the weight of the stone. This type of cut highlights the vibrant colors and clarity.  

4.    Mixed Cuts: – A perfect blend of brilliant and step-cut styles. These stones have brilliant facets on the crown and step cuts on the pavilion or likewise. These cuts combine cabbing and faceting techniques.

Different types of Shapes:

1.    Round: – Round-shaped gems are typically paired with brilliant cabochon or rose cuts and are classically popular in the US. The origin of round-shaped gems dates back to the 18th century in Italy and is credited to a skilled gem polisher from Venice named Vincenzio Peruzzi.

2.    Oval: – Oval-shaped gems are the most common shape for colored gemstones that retain their carat weight than other shapes. They have around 69 facets being the highest of all gemstone cuts.

3.    Pear: – The pear-shaped gem combines oval and marquise cuts with one round and pointed end. This shape is famous for creating gemstone pendants and earrings due to its eye-catching appeal. It has around 56-58 facets when paired with a brilliant-cut and aims at highlighting the color of a gem.

4.    Trillion: – Triangular gemstones are known as a trillion and use angles to maximize the color and brilliance of a gemstone. This shape contains 31 to 43 facets and can be clubbed with a modified brilliant cut.

The value and worth of the gemstones depend upon their brilliance, hues, and perfect shapes that make everyone get lost in their beauty. Over the years, many tools and techniques have been developed to give gemstones different forms with perfectness. Find your favorable precious gemstone jewelry online by visiting our website to know more about fine and stone jewelry and exclusive gemstone collections, or call +91 9104025880.

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