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Why is silver jewellery better than gold jewellery?

Jewellery is something that has to do with Emotion. Confusion about choosing your best metal? Let’s focus on something that may help you choosing silver jewellery over gold jewellery.

Here’s a shade of light on silver benefits.

Silver is always Versatile: Because of the appearance, silver can be paired with any colour stone or different Gemstones without clashing. This leaves more options for different kinds of jewellery and gems of different hues. While choosing a silver chain or charm, you’re keeping loads of possibilities open for new wardrobe items. Gold is intense but can clash with clothing especially in cool colours. On the flip side, your lovely new Teetli collection will go literally anything.

It’s Durable: Both Gold and Silver can be mould in any shape. But silver is also a lot more durable than gold. Gold is soft and malleable metal, but mixing alloy silver is harder to make jewelleries. Sterling silver or 925 silver makes different designs to make your any look just perfect.

Also a little care can make your silver jewellery more durable and as good as new.

LESS EXPENSIVE: Budget nowadays is a big issue. Also, we need variety in our accessories collection too. Gold! A bit expensive to reach your variety of collection. Silver is the most affordable elegant metal in your specialty event or even if it calls for a regular wear. Money is not the problem with silver and that’s the reason why it is for all of us.

VARIETY OF COLLECTION: Generally, Gold is kept in limited stock due to many reasons. But in case of silver, you’ll have a lot of collection in form of earrings, rings, necklaces or some slick office wear pendants even bangles and what not!

REUSABLE: Silver is such a lovely metal, which can be used repeatedly even after damaging. Let’s explain. Have you got a scratch on your favourite piece? Or you’ve been bored of your old fashion, jewelleries? Here’s the solution!

Just make something new fashionable, trendy and catchy jewellery from the old one. And trust me, you’re going to rock the show.

STYLE STATEMENT: Gold is pretty, but silver is a style statement. From the boho collection to junk tribal jewelleries, silver is the most useful metal ever. It can make a forever choice irrespective of price and maintenance.

As a girl, what excites me the most about silver is I can have a large collection of trendy, matching jewellery without spending much

EASY TO HANDLE: Before purchasing a most wanted piece of jewel we must know about handling, storage and cleaning of the particular metal for long lasting uses. Silver is very easy to handle than other expensive jewelleries. You can wear even daily. For cleaning you just need to use some soft body wash or something running water is effective. So, hurry up. Make your own custom jewellery and pair it up with some elegant Gemstone to give a melancholic look in your statement piece according to your Zodiac sign, we are here to help you find yours.

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