Know Your Gem Stone


Pearls are hard, generally spherical objects, which have been highly valued as objects of beauty for centuries. Natural pearls are rare and occur in the wild. Cultured pearls are mostly marketed for making ornaments. The value of pearls is determined by a combination of features that include color, size, lusture, smoothness of surface and origin. Maximize your beauty with pearl jewellery which matches perfectly with every look.


A ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, which is a variety of the mineral corundum. Corundum is generally colorless when pure and uncut; but due to traces of chromium, it can get a certain reddish tint, as seen in rubies. Rubies are known (in the spiritual sense) as protective stones that can bring happiness and passion into the life of the wearer. Aesthetically, its rouge color provides an authentic and graceful look in an outfit, proving it to be a much demanded stone in the gemstone market.


Emerald or natural beryl is known specifically for its green color. They are the one of the rarest species of gemstones all around the globe. Through time, the emerald has been known to symbolize truth and love, iconic due to the fact that it is said to be the gemstone of the Roman goddess of love, Venus. Emeralds are preferred for a more natural look and sets well into any kind of ornament, going with almost any floral outfit. The value of a gemstone is determined by its green color, as defined by the GIA.


Moissanite is a naturally occurring silicon carbide with an anatomy similar to that of a diamond. In fact, moissanite stones have been many a time mistaken for diamonds.
Similar as they may be, moissanites are far less expensive than diamonds and is preferred by people for everyday fashion/attire. They are more versatile for everyday use and can be a graceful addition to any kind of wear, be it western or Indian.

Green onyx

Green onyx is a member of the Quartz. It is a kind of mineral with a finer, more refined structure. As the name suggests, its green tint makes it quite similar to emeralds, which makes it a much demanded stone in the market. Green onyx stone symbolize restfulness and purity, and is believed to provide positive support to the wearer. Green onyx is a gorgeous amalgamation of the green and onyx slide that is sure to provide you with the aesthetics you deserve.


Firoza stones are more commonly known as turquoise stones. It is a semi-precious stone recognizable by its strong sky to robin-blue color. Original firoza stones are rare and are found in certain copper mines around the globe. Its royal blue color and opaque sheen makes it a unique, one of a kind jewel said to avert illness and block negative energies from the wearer. Its looks certainly don’t fail to impress!


Sapphire is a precious gemstone, variety of the mineral corundum that contains trace amounts of iron, titanium, chromium, vanadium and manganese. Although sapphires are more popularly blue, they can be available in multiple colors.

Yellow citrine

Yellow citrine is basically a variety of yellow quartz. But its color ranges from a light lemony to an earthy brown with some very nice oranges in between. The more saturated the color, the higher the value of the gemstone. Yellow citrine (spiritually speaking), is said to solidify new interests and relationships, helping us see things in a different light.

Yellow topaz

Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine. Ranging from a husky yellow color to a light golden brown, yellow topaz stones offer a fresh addition to your traditional wear. It is also said to have healing properties and can offer an aesthetically calm approach to your character.

Pink spinel

Spinel is magnesium aluminum oxide and thus quite similar to ruby and sapphire (aluminum oxide). However, spinel stones are quite hard and durable, making it suitable to for any kind of jewellery. Pink spinel is a beautiful variety of the spinel family; its rose sheen and crystal structure, making it seemingly flawless and attractive to the eye.

Pink tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is a variety of tourmaline which is a crystal containing boron silicate, aluminum, iron, sodium and potassium. It can be found in colors varying from a light pale pink to a hot rose pink. Pink tourmaline symbolizes a love of humanity and humanitarianism. Tourmaline is a typically clean gem, and its price and value depends upon its quality and cut.


Tanzanite is the blue and violet variety of the mineral zoisite. It is one of the rarest gemstones in the world and one of the most stunning, its blue and violet shades outshining other varieties of crystals. It is a popular alternative to blue sapphire, and can add an overall finishing touch to any outfit in the grandest way possible.

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