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How to care, clean and store fine jewelry?

Fine jewelry is one of the most memorable and cherished accessories that we will remember forever. From the time we saw it in store to the time we made it ours, this piece of jewelry holds a special place in our hearts. Fine jewelry is designed to shine, sparkle, and glow, but it begins to lose its shine over time, metals start tarnishing, and debris will make the gemstone look dull and dirty.

Modern jewelry is the perfect finishing touch for any look. There’s always a sentimental reason behind every piece of jewelry you buy, and you will want to wear it forever. Hand cream, sweat, dust, soap residue and hard water deposits are the prime culprits that make your jewelry look dull and cloudy, making it lose all its charm and brilliance. You can’t avoid gunk altogether, but understand how to care and protect your gemstone jewelry can make a world of difference in maintaining the beauty and its shine for generations to come.

Here are some jewelry care tips to help you maintain the beauty and appeal of your stone jewelry:

Avoid using chemicals: Hairspray, perfumes, lotions or other cosmetics contain damaging chemicals which can discolor precious metals like gold, silver, etc. and harm some colored gems. Until you are ready to wear your jewelry, it’s better to set it aside or keep it in case. 

 Use mild cleaners for regular cleaning: You should always clean your jewelry with warm water, mild dish soap and a soft brush. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaning has become a popular method for jewelry lovers who look for a more thorough approach to clean their jewelry. Pulsed-water dental appliances and a soft linen cloth can be the safest cleaning method for your jewelry.

Store your jewelry in a clean, dry space: We all have a habit of storing our jewelry in a nightstand or a drawer and blame the jewelry when it gets tarnished. It’s best to keep jewelry in a fabric-lined case with dividers and compartments to separate your jewelry. Make sure to wrap every piece of jewelry with a soft tissue or cloth before placing it in the drawer. Most jewelry pieces come in a box or pouch from the store, which is ideal for keeping them.

Be careful with light and heat: Direct UV rays can damage our skin similarly; light and heat can affect a colored gemstone’s durability. Gemstones can lose their shine or fade due to constant excess of light and heat.

General Precautions: The first thing you should keep in mind is never directly sprayed or apply perfume onto jewelry. Always remember to put your jewelry after applying lotions or moisturizers. Put your jewelry on after applying hair products. Don’t expose your jewelry to harsh temperature changes and light. Remove jewelry before going to the gym, before washing your hands, before swimming, before preparing a meal and when cleaning your home. Always insure your jewelry to have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected. 


Everybody loves their fine jewelry, gemstone jewelry, stone jewelry or other kinds of jewelry and want to keep it safe and ensure their brilliance stays the same throughout. Storing them properly, wearing them consciously, and regular cleaning routine makes your jewelry stay as it is and look stunning for years to come. Visit our website to see our exclusive collection or call +91 9104025880.

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