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Jewellery myths debunked

In ancient history jewellery has been a art of culture for centuries. The time has given several myths around jewellery. Some are common folklore and some are contemporary and some have subconsciously influenced by the jewellery industry and patrons alike. Let’s have a look on some common jewellery myths and shed light on the truth behind.

GOLD COMES IN DIFFERENT COLOURS: Gold comes in only one colour and that is Yellow. When Gold is mined in its pure form it is absolutely Yellow. But of course, it’s next to impossible to wear Gold in its raw or pure form. Because pure Gold is too soft to make jewellery and use. Gold is usually mixed with Copper, iron, silver and aluminium to make gold alloy that comes in rose gold and white gold form.

PEARLS CAN DISSOLVE IN VINEGAR: The myth has come when Cleopatra threw pearls in a vessel filled with vinegar in a lavish banquet dinner party. But this is impossible to dissolve pearls in vinegar quickly. Though it can be dissolved if it is crushed and throw in vinegar.

SAPPHIRES ARE BLUE IN COLOUR: Sapphires are synonymous with their cerulean shade, but a little fact is that these precious stones are available in other colours apart from blue. Depending on the impurities of the stone the colour changes from blue to its lighter shade. Presence of vanadium changes its colour into purple. Iron terns them yellowish.

DIAMONDS ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE: This is the most widespread myth about diamonds worldwide. But diamonds can be even been known to split in half. If you do not treat properly, they can be chipped or even scratched. Diamonds do last the longest because of their composition.

THE BIGGER STONE, THE MORE EXPENSIVE IT IS: People think that the price point of a gemstone depends on its size. However, it is far from true as a stone’s price depends on the 4Cs – cut, colour, and clarity. It is always best to choose diamond over quality than the size of diamond. According to the cut size and shape varies. Shallow cut diamond may look larger though diamond with a deeper cut may look small but contain same carat.

YELLOW DIAMONDS ARE MORE VALUABLE THAN THE COLOURLESS WHITE ONE: The term “fancy yellow diamond” refers to a coloured diamond that may usually sold in high price at a same clarity and carat. Yellowish tint of diamonds may arise from the poor colour gradation of the stone.

DIAMONDS ARE THE RAREST GEMSTONE: Diamond holds the mantle of rarest gemstone all over the world. Well, this is a myth. Emerald, ruby, sapphire is rarer than diamonds.

THE 12 GEMSTONES CAME FROM THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL: There are 12 sun sings in Zodiac. King Solomon built the first ever Jewish Temple and the High priest at the time wore a breastplate adorned with 12 Gemstones that were believed to be the representative of 12 tribes of Jerusalem. But this is a mythological myth.

OPALS ARE UNLUCKY: This has remained a rumour among people that Opals are unlucky Gemstone. Opals are historically considered as an amalgamation of different gorgeous Stones. Instead of fretting over superstition attached with Opals, you must shed your concern aside and wear your jewellery with pride and comfort.

Are you in trouble between what to do and what not! Get logical information and make yourself beautiful gorgeous with these precious Gemstones by wearing jewellery.

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